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lots of new and vintage items, some NWT, everything 99 cents!
dulce_deluge wrote in cheapthreads
I'm trying to get rid of a ton of stuff, some brand name and some vintage, everything is priced to sell! I start almost all of my auctions at 99 cents and shipping on t-shirts is $1.50-$2! I always try to save you money by shipping the cheapest way possible, with no extra charges.

-Soundgirl NEW WITH TAGS olive GI knickers with hearts
Price on tag: $48 / Starting bid: 99 CENTS

-Gap NEW WITH TAGS black button skirt
Price on tag: $44 / Starting bid: 99 cents

-New and like-new items from Hollister, Junk Shop, Isaac Mizrahi

-New and thrift shop t-shirts and polos: Golden Girls, Pac-man, and more



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